Our Mission

Hi, I'm Cheena

As a child I knew I was destined for something bigger. I knew I was here to have an impact and make the world a better place. My background hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows but it has been the driving force behind why I do what I do.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home, raised by two recovering addicts. Neither of my parents worked and we lived off Centrelink. We had very little money. The staple foods in my home growing up were 2 minute noodles, white bread, preservative filled cheese and coca-cola.

After so many hurdles and getting off track more times than I could count. My packaged-food-fuelled lifestyle only served me so long and at 20 I became sick. Naturally I went to my GP for answers, I was given a dose of antibiotics which amplified all of my symptons. It didn't matter what symptons I was presenting according to my Doctor I was fine.

I couldn't accept the outcome provided to me by my Doctor and this is when I started venturing into natural medicine and the healing powers of food and supplements. This time in my life was pivotal. I completely changed the way I ate, the products I had in my home and taught myself how to cook.

I had felt the best I had ever felt....and I knew I had to share it with others in some way. Deeto has been created to do just that.

Cheena Fun Facts

get to know me

I have different coloured eyes

I have blue eyes with a patch of hazel in my right eye, it's called heterochromia it's a genetic mutation. Only 1% of the population have.

I'm a one woman team

I run Deeto completely by myself and pack all orders out of my 1 bedroom apartment on the Sunshine Coast

I'm neurodivergent

I have ADHD and I'm ALWAY singing and dancing. I have background music going in my head 24/7 and it's my favourite things about being neurodiverse

Giving back is important to me

When I was 19, I started volunteering with the pyjama foundation visiting a 12 year old in foster care. 8 years later we still catch up once a week.

These are the positive messages I'd like to share with the world

can you help me change the narrative?

Lets say no to "you're broken, buy my product marketing"

It’s saddens me to see brands that are willing to tell people that there is something wrong with them as a strategy to buy their product. That choose to demonise the human body in the name of profit. That built their advertising strategy around known insecurities. Our bodies are incredible vessels that support us each and everyday without us even thinking. Our bodies are constantly fluctuating to support us through the different stages of our lives.I hope to create an experience for you that allows you to feel inspired and supported on your wellness journey. That you’re purchasing to add value to your life and that you’re not consuming because you feel broken. That you don't need to buy anything to "fix yourself" That exactly as you are you are enough.

It's time to redefine our idea of success

What if we defined success by how we felt? The energy we woke up with each day? How calm you are in the world? How well rested you are? The level of connection you have in your life? The time you spend in nature? How present you are with your children/partners/family? What if the new success we aspired to have was measured through our own wellness? We are BIG advocates for how your life feels is always more important than how it looks. Being human is't about getting it right all the time, or having things perfect but instead enjoying the journey. Wellness is understanding your need in the different phases of your life and accepting they can change often.

Let's change the discussion on ageing

My grandmother would say to me growing up “I’ve earnt my wrinkles” and I thought how magnificent as I age, imagine if I gain the most beautiful smile wrinkles as a reflection of the happiness I’ve had in my life. Why did no one tell me the wisdom that you gain as you grow older becomes the most beautiful part of you that takes no physical form. That my grey hairs are something to celebrate, that my body changing is a sign of me growing. That ageing is a privilege. This twenty-something wants her children to grow up with a different perspective on ageing then what she was given. To remind you all, that this is a natural process that we cannot change, that we do not need to prevent or fix. A process I assure you, that you can find beauty in if you look for it.