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Our Mission

Hi, I'm Cheena 👋

It's so nice to meet you!

I’m a nature lover, passionate cook, gardener, wannabe singer/dancer and wellness advocate. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

If you're like me you probably struggled with the amount of information on how to take the best care of yourself..... In a world so full of information it's easy to become overwhelmed.... My approach is simple.

I eat foods that nourish my body, take supplements to support my body & move my body to feel good. That's it! 

Now I'm sure you're thinking.... "Cheena that sounds so much easier said than done" I hear you, I do. My mission behind Deeto and something that I am so wildly passionate about is to show you how simple taking care of yourself can be. 

We are all so unique in what we need and where we are in life and so many of us are looking to solve a problem or fix something within us. I'm here to change the narrative.

What if I told you, exactly as you are, you are not broken! 

That you don't need to buy anything to "fix yourself" 

That you can create a life around supporting your best self... 

That exactly as you are you are enough. 

Deeto has been created to share this message & I am SO excited to have you here.  

Discover the benefits of a collagen powder supplement with bioactive collagen peptides, sustainably sourced from wild caught cod. Support skin, hair + healthy joints with our tasteless and fully dissolvable collagen.

Wild Marine Collagen

REAL ingredients designed to support your daily wellness

Our range contains clean, organic and sustainable ingredients specifically formulated to support skin health, gut health, liver health, inflammation + much more