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"I drink this warm with coconut milk and a little bit of honey in the morning while I’m waking up and it’s so good! Love it as a substitute for coffee!" Lily A.


Your health and wellness have never been so supported. Discover the natural beauty of WonderWild Greens, the blend that takes care of your health without compromising on taste. Our WonderWild Greens blend is carefully crafted with superfoods, giving you a daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants straight from nature. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners, colours, and anti-caking agents, and say hello to a healthier you!

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Fused with adaptogens like Maca, Siberian Ginseng and super charged with Beetroot this blend is a perfect addition to you afternoon as an alternative to coffee.
A teaspoon and a half of this chocalately goodness will give you the a comparable amount of caffeine to a cup of coffee.

A fine powdered blend of Beetroot*, Raw Cacao*, Maca*, Mesquite*, Cinnamon*, Gota Kola*, Siberian Ginseng*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

A fine powdered blend of Raw Cacao*, Maca*, Siberian Ginseng*, Guarana (wild harvested)*, Yerbe Mate*, Reishi Mushroom*

*Certified Organic Ingredient

"Such a beautiful drink! i love that you can drink it warm or cold. I am really enjoying it as a little pick me up of an afternoon x "