Workshop Replay

The science of natural skin care with Nadine Brown

Nadine Brown, The Skin Nutritionist, is an expert when it comes to all things science-based skin care! During her workshop, she will cover...

✔️ The physiology of our skin structure & what contributes to ageing.
✔️ Which skin care products you actually need.
✔️ Which evidenced-based ingredients are actually anti-ageing.
✔️ The importance of the skin microbiome & how to support it!
✔️ Her go-to DIY recipes & more.

You can find more of Nadines incredible knowledge on her website here: & on Food Matters here:

Beauty from the inside out with Renae Barrington

Renae Barrington is a Nutritionist with a BIG passion for making real, nutritious food easy. During this workshop, she will share:

✔️ How the food we eat impacts our skin health.
✔️ Which specific nutrients & everyday foods support optimise skin health.
✔️ The gut-skin connections & how you can boost your gut health.
✔️ Her favourite beauty foods & hacks!

The common root causes of skin conditions with Vanessa Lamaro

Vanesa Lamaro is an experienced women's health naturopath who specialises in hormone, gut & skin health. During this workshop, she shares:

✔️ The most common skin conditions.
✔️ Potential root causes of common skin conditions.
✔️ Tests & treatment options available.
✔️ Her favourite herbs for beauty!

You can find Vanessa on the links below:

Discovery call & website: &Facebook:

The chemical burden of beauty with Dr Sarah Lantz

Sarah Lantz is an avid public health researcher with a special interest in the impact that chemicals have on women's & children's health. During this workshop, she shares:

✔️ Some of the problematic ingredients in beauty products & environment.
✔️ The impact that these chemicals have on our body's.
✔️ Simple ways to reduce your chemical burden.
✔️ Helpful resources to support your low tox journey.

You can find out more about Sarah, her books & products here: 

BONUS: How to incorporate herbs into everyday life with Paige Redford

Paige Redford is a qualified naturopath that specialises in supporting women to create a simple and nourished lifestyle through intuitive eating, conscious movement and a mindful life 🙌
On this call, we discuss how & why you should incorporate culinary herbs into your everyday life! She shares...
✔️ Her favourite ways to use herbs
✔️ How you use make healthy iced teas
✔️ Top culinary herbs that support skin health
✔️ Simple ways to level up your smoothies
✔️ Which herbs are amazing for topical use
You can find Paige's teas & naturopathic services here: